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Dropdowns in ASP.NET Menu no longer working in IE10

Published at September 24, 2012 ·  1 min read

When upgrading my notebook to Windows 8 I encountered a strange behavior on opening an ASP.NET Web Application hosted on a Windows Server 2003. The dropdowns of the ASP.NET Menu Control didn’t work anymore. First, I thought this must be a problem of IE10, but this was only partly true. The problem is that the .browser files on the Web Server do not reflect the current versions. You could manually update the ie....

Warm up your SharePoint Application Pools with Application Initialization for IIS 8 and 7.5

Published at September 2, 2012 ·  1 min read

To take away the pain of bothering about warming up our SharePoint Environment, Microsoft introduced the Application Initialization Module for IIS 8 and 7.5. There was a module in beta status for quite a long time – and then it was retracted. Now it’s back as a combination of global and application-specific rules that work not only for SharePoint 2013 but for SharePoint 2010 as well. Follow these instructions and get rid of your warmup scripts ;-)...

Who moved my cheese? Getting back the “Sign in as different user” in SharePoint 2013 the RIGHT way!

Published at August 30, 2012 ·  1 min read

Microsoft decided to remove the “Sign in as different user” link from the personal menu – at least in SharePoint 2013 Beta 2 (SharePoint 2013 Preview). Of course you could start IE as a different user – but sometimes this is not an option. There are several recommendations out there to change the “Welcome.ascx” file in order to get the menu entry back. But bear in mind that changing OOB SharePoint Files is not the way that we want to go – especially when thinking about enlarging the farm (or upgrading, or …)....