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How to use the Script Editor WebPart on a SharePoint 2013 MySite (which is missing on MySites by default)

Published at May 8, 2014 ·  1 min read

SharePoint 2013 comes with the new Script Editor WebPart which can be used on Wiki/WebPart/Publishing Pages to add Script Code to the page. Using it is fairly simple: add it to the page from the WebPart Catalog. BUT MySites for example don’t contain the Script Editor WebPart in the catalog: To bring the Script Editor WebPart to the MySite WebPart Catalog (and therefore to all of the subsites like Blog etc....

InfoPath - RIP

Published at February 3, 2014 ·  1 min read

It was somehow clear that InfoPath doesn’t have the brightest future after being the only part of Office 2013 that was not revised. Now it’s official – InfoPath will be retired and there will be no future version: I’m quite curious about what the new roadmap will be – SPC2014 will tell us… Markus...