How to use the Script Editor WebPart on a SharePoint 2013 MySite (which is missing on MySites by default)

May 8, 2014 · 1 min read

SharePoint 2013 comes with the new Script Editor WebPart which can be used on Wiki/WebPart/Publishing Pages to add Script Code to the page. Using it is fairly simple: add it to the page from the WebPart Catalog.

BUT MySites for example don’t contain the Script Editor WebPart in the catalog:

To bring the Script Editor WebPart to the MySite WebPart Catalog (and therefore to all of the subsites like Blog etc.), you can

  • download the file “MSScriptEditor.webpart” from any “Web parts” Gallery in your content sites (Settings | Site Settings)

  • Now go to the “Web parts” Gallery on your MySite and upload the previously saved file “MSScriptEditor.webpart” to the gallery - change Title and Description and Group as needed ;-)

  • Et voilà - you can use the ScriptEditor WebPart throughout your MySite…

Happy MySite-Scripting…