Extract .wsp files from SharePoint Config Database

Published at January 14, 2013 ·  2 min read

I recently had a customer with the need to extract a .wsp (SharePoint Solution) File from the SharePoint Farm Solutions because the source file disappeared mysteriously… As SharePoint loads the .wsp file into the config database (SharePoint_Config in most SharePoint environments – although it should be a name that you can recognize easily – you don’t name you files dok1, dok2, etc.) and stores it as binary content, it is not too hard to extract....

Warm up your SharePoint Application Pools with Application Initialization for IIS 8 and 7.5

Published at September 2, 2012 ·  1 min read

To take away the pain of bothering about warming up our SharePoint Environment, Microsoft introduced the Application Initialization Module for IIS 8 and 7.5. There was a module in beta status for quite a long time – and then it was retracted. Now it’s back as a combination of global and application-specific rules that work not only for SharePoint 2013 but for SharePoint 2010 as well. Follow these instructions and get rid of your warmup scripts ;-)...