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Apr 04
SPRequestDuration is back in SharePoint Online – kind of…

When troubleshooting SharePoint (Online) performance issues, the SPIISLatency and SPRequestDuration headers are a very important part of the puzzle. Unfortunately, Microsoft removed those headers from SPO - honi soit qui mal y pense.

Despite a few reappearances for a short time – I missed those headers every time when dealing with MS Support in SharePoint Online Performance Cases (

But now, it looks like the performance figures are back – but depending on the UI you chose, in different flavors:

Modern UI

Look for the perf-JSON-Object in the Source Code of the page:

Classic UI

Search for g_duration in the Source Code:


SPO Performance Troubleshooting just got easier again!

pretty awesome
12/24/2018 2:35 PM
pretty awesome
12/24/2018 2:35 PM


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